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"If anyone serves, they should do so with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. To Him be the Glory and the Power for ever and ever. Amen."   ~ 1 Peter 4:11

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David Going Home
David was a homeless man who was dropped off to us while we were serving one of our Sunday meals.
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Friday Service -2014
We invited 24 people from north St. Charles for a meal and for the Good Friday Service.
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John & Donna Baker
A couple who was sleeping in their car when we first met them while serving a Saturday meal.
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Joseph's Story
Joseph is a homeless man who has cancer and sleeps in a tent down by the river.
Jeff & Ashlee
A great young couple who was down on their luck and now they are living on their own.
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Sunday Meals
God presented us with an opportunity to get involved with the community.
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How else God provides for their needs.

Time after time since we stepped out in faith to serve the needy in north St. Charles, we would get items donated before we knew that there was a need for that particular item.    And often the Lord provided needed items within hours of hearing of the need.    One time we got a phone call of a donation just minutes after Peggy and I were just praying for the need.   God is faithful to us in our ministry.  We serve an awesome God.

Josh and his new bike  --  I got a call from a neighbor asking if we could use a couple of bikes. Not knowing that there was a need for bikes, I said 'yes.' A few weeks later, Josh asked me if I knew where he could get a bike. Josh is homeless and needed transportation to Mid Rivers to get to his job at the propane plant. I responded with "what color do you want - green or purple?"In a totally separate conversation we heard a dad telling us the story of his daughter's bike being stolen. We gave him the other bike so that he could have that father - daughter moment. 

Bill and his new pair of size 15w shoes  --  Bill needed a pair of 15w shoes. Within days a good friend was cleaning out his closet and he donated his large pairs of size 15w shoes. He also donated a lot of his plus size pants and shirts. All of those items were given away very quickly. 

Boots for Gary  --  Gary lives under the bridge. I have visited with Gary many times and I always ask "Is there anything you need?" He always says that he is good. One day, we were sitting under the bridge and again I asked if he needed anything. He picked up one of his boots put his hand inside the boot and poked his finger out of the bottom of the boot. I said okay what size?

He wears a size 9 boot.
Well this was when we were just getting started. So, I was not sure how I was going to pull this off. On the way home I prayed about it. The Lord reminded me that I had a pair of work boots that I bought a couple years earlier and they were somewhere in the garage. I was not sure of the size. After I got home I looked around and sure enough I found a size 9 pair of almost new waterproof hunting boots. I bought him some new socks and those boots fit him like a glove. He was so proud of those boots that even weeks later he was still showing them off.. 

Tommy + old bathroom faucets = pork chops for everyone  --  In January, I replaced three of our bathroom faucets. The faucets each had two connectors of copper piping.  I gave them to Tommy.  He sleeps under the bridge along with some other men. A few weeks later, Gary told me that Tommy got $6.28 for the faucets. Tommy used that money to buy some pork chops and cooked them on his Coleman stove for Gary and Richard. That was inspiring to hear that Tommy shared his meal with his buddies under the bridge. 

Food Stamps cut off for a single mother of 5  --  On Thanksgiving Sunday, while serving the meal, we heard of a family of five who were cut off from food stamps on November 1. A couple that was helping serve that Sunday heard about it and during the week her co-workers collected enough money to fill a mini-van full of food.
We were asked to deliver the food for them. When we got to Connie's home and started unloading the van, Connie was overwhelmed with all the food. She was in tears. We let her know that it was not Peggy and Dan but some friends who wanted to help. And this was provided by God. She told us, “You have no idea how much we needed the food." She showed us her cupboards and fridge – all empty. She had no idea why she was cut off. She needed to go to social services to find out.
There was another delivery made the weekend before Christmas. It turned out that her high school son was working two jobs in October: McDonald's and Taco Bell. The government erroneously included his income with her income which made them ineligible for food stamps. They could not do that because he was a minor. Peggy helped her fill out her paper work as witness to the situation. In January it was all cleared up. 

St. Charles Salvation Army Parking Lot  --  In the fall of 2013 we noticed that the St. Charles Salvation Army had this large pot hole in their parking lot. Captain Ron told us that they did not have the funds to fix their parking lot. So, I asked him, "What would you like to see done; have it filled with gravel or stocked with fish?" Funny thing is he wanted the gravel. It did not make a difference with me; I did not know how to do either.
I was trusting in the Lord to provide. An hour later at 7:30 pm I called a friend and he said he would get back to me. An hour later we had access to 16-ton of rock, a driver and a bobcat. A week later with thanks to Jim Loshe Jr. from Metro Materials out in Wentzville, MO and our friends from Harvester Christian Church the rock was delivered and spread out. Metro Materials donated the rock, the truck and the driver's time. And for the bobcat and the operator - no charge (I do not know who that was - just a friend of a friend). God is faithful all the time.

Melva  --  Melva is a sweet lady who we have been friends with for about six months. While she was in the hospital she called and asked us for help. She was in poor health and she was losing her vision. We went and visited and prayed with her. Her son Wes invited her to live with him and his wife. We helped her and her son Wes pack up her belongs and load up the moving truck. Two months later she called to say how blessed she was to have friends like Peggy and me who was there when she needed someone.  

January 2014 Warming Shelter  --  The weather forecast for January 2nd through the 7th wasn’t good, dropping temperatures and a blizzard coming in on Sunday. Thursday evening, January 2nd, we met with Rob from Harvester Christian Church (HCC) and without hesitation, we had access to the abandoned old admin building. The building needed to be cleaned up and by 7pm we had three guests.

We provided, with help from friends, cots and sleeping bags. That first night, the five of us slept in the old building while temperatures outside fell to 1 degree. We provided a flat screen TV, DVD player, and a box of movies. The Red Cross supplied us with cots and blankets and our HCC friends supplied microwaves, food (and whole meals), cooler, griddle, coffee maker, and their time to keep the shelter open for nine days.

The storm came in on Sunday as expected. Harvester has a café that is open on Sunday mornings and Jerry and Liz were there making breakfast even though there was a low turnout for the Sunday services. They provided breakfast for our shelter guests.

Earlier that morning, I had received a call from Josh. He and four of his friends were in a hotel room that had been provided by Martha from St. John’s Church. They were hungry. Although they had shelter, they had no food. So, Jerry and Liz boxed up me up with a dozen hot breakfast plates to go and the food pantry was able to donate boxes of food.

With the St. Louis area basically paralyzed by the snow, I drove the five miles to deliver the food to Josh and his friends. They were very appreciative with hugs and fist bumps. They had nothing, so I gave them some thermal underwear, coats, gloves, and hats. When I got back to the church, I passed on their thank yous to the cafe staff and they said, “Now we know why we came in this morning.”

Over the course of the next 48 hrs, two more people joined us in this old admin building. God provided shelter for five people.

“If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself, take up his cross daily and follow me.”  ~ Luke 9:23